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IVs… PFT Rollercoaster…


I went to the dr today, my 37th day of IVs. I was sure I would have great PFTs – like 47% or 48%. The past 2 days I finally felt better – not winded anymore and not junky.

So, I blew a 44% – but the blowing sound was awesome – no junky or wheezie sounds – just clear air! So why only a 44% – I don’t know – but what matters to me right now is that I FEEL better. The PFT roller coaster can be very frustrating, especially when it doesn’t go in the direction I’d like it to.

Dr said my right upper lobe was FINALLY clear.

The decision is to infuse my last 2 bottles of IVs, which I am doing right now – then I can pull the peripheral out!


I am down to 7.5 mgs or prednisone and will keep it there for about a week then touch base with my dr again and hopefully drop to 5mgs.

I had  my last xolair injection today. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before. She tried it as a long shot – but after 6 doses, it didn’t really seem to do anything.

So for now – I will enjoy my IV freedom and hope for 3-6 more months of this freedom!