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IVs – Day 24ish – 4/16

So I went to the dr yesterday, my PFTs are up 2 more % – 44%. My right upper lobes are still junky. Depending on how I feel in 5 days – we may stretch the IVs to 5 weeks.  My breathing isn’t baseline, I’m still winded. My prednisone is down to 7.5 mgs – this is when it gets scary – my breathing trouble always worsend when I’m ready to stop the prednisone. SO for now, I’m staying on 7.5mgs.

So, 4 weeks of IV, maybe 5. This is a first in 20 years! I can’t help but to wonder what changes are going on with my CF. I mean, 3 weeks and I still have a junky cough! So when I finally stop, will the bacteria begin to  multiply again? Am I on a downward path?

I hate that there are no answers. This is one of the worst parts of CF – the not knowing what tomorrow will bring. I’ve always come through my IVs and done well for 3-6 months. I haven’t had a good month since the summer of 2008.

I just want a ‘breather’… a ‘break’… 3 months would be nice. 3 months not to be constantly fighting. 3 months where I can live a semi normal life. Get back on a normal CF routine.

So I’ll push through it like I always do, with a smile on my face and fear in my heart.