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My Latest IV Experience

This coming Monday will make 3 weeks on my IVs. Not sure when I will be done.  This was a scary IV experience. I haven’t been this sick since 1999. My oxygen went below 90, my breathing was horrible, my mucus production more than ever. I ended up on triple IV antibiotics, and IV prednisone before I started to feel any relief.  High blood sugars were also added to the mix. My dr wanted me in the hospital, but I insisted on staying home.

Scary. While going through this all I could think of was, is this ever going to turn around; will my doctor start the transplant discussion again; will my breathing ever get better; will I have to stay on o2 long term…..

Now things finally turned around 🙂   …. no transplant discussion…  breathing improving … no more o2 needed … what a relief. And my sugars returned back to normal!

My concern now is will my fev1% ever return to baseline. It hasn’t over the past year. I’ve been on prednisone since October 2008, unable to wean off. Through this my fev1% has declined.

Please Please Please let me get back to at least 45%… My last fev1% prior to being sick was only 37% 😦

2011 BETTER be a better year. I’m sick of IVs – four times this year alone – ugh!