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Lists – IVs

One of the blogs I follow – Cystic Gal (the link is on my blogroll), posts lists here and there, and I find them fun to read. So I thought I’d give it a try. Here goes…

    Top 5 Annoyances of being on IVs:

    5. The feeling of metal mouth and nothing tasting right.

    4. Having to have the nurse come every every 5 days to change my IV site.

    3. Before I can get in the shower, having to cut the fingers off of a rubber glove, pull it up over my IV site, and taping it up.

    2. The schedule! EVERY morning for 1.5 hrs, EVERY afternoon for 2.5-3 hours, and EVERY night for 1.5 hrs (the times are longer now that I switched antibiotics – yikes!)

    1. Being tired all the time!

On the FLIP side…

    Top 5 Perks of being on IVs:

    5. Able to catch up on cyberspace.

    4. Able to get lots of rest.

    3. My hubby helps around the house.

    2. and 1. My lungs are getting cleared out!