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Prednisone Tips

I wish I had known what I know know when I first tried prednisone over 10 years ago. After many high dose to low dose tapers, these are the things you need to be aware of:

1. Salt will cause you to retain even more water. Prednisone bloats you, salt amplifies it! So, cut down your salt intake.

2. Have your doctor prescribe you water pills to help with the water retention.

3. Keep exercising, it will help you to keep your weight down.

4. As hard as it is, I KNOW, try not to give in to the constant cravings. If you must eat – make it a healthy snack – carrots, fruit, veggies, salad.

5. I’ll say it again – watch your SALT!!!! I know as CFers, we need increased salt, but when I’m on prednisone, I DO cut down.

I hope this helps you!