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So although I’ve had pulmonary bleeding before.. For the past few months I’ve had it on an off consistently. And guess what – it just started again. It’s scary to see. It won’t last long – but I need to always be careful of the position of my chest – if I’m laying down – I can’t cough or I’ll trigger it. But just now – I was laying down – did not cough – but the bleeding started!


update – 3/26/10 – just an fyi… When I visited my dr on Wednesday she gave me an explanation as to why I bleed. Hope I’m explaining this right. So, basically, my body is doing what it should be doing – it knows there’s infection in my lungs, so it’s natural response it to fight it – so, the blood flow to my lungs increases. This results in the veins in my lungs to expand like a rubber band, so their walls become thin. This makes it easy to tear and bleed.

Makes sense… right?

Hopefully the meds I am on will treat the infection, and eliminate the bleeding…

4/8 – good news – haven’t had any bleeding in a couple of weeks!