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I just read a post from the mother of a 7 year old with CF:
A Mother’s Feelings

I am amazed at how strong she is
I am mad at the fact that she has to go through this
I hate that Conner has to suffer like this
I sit here with tears in my eyes – how can I ever complain about my suffering? I’m 42, he’s only 7 and has been through more that many ever go through…

I don’t understand why people don’t get it
CF research and development can come so far if people would only make a donation
I’ve spent countless hours since January, reaching out, reaching out
Many have been generous
Many gave whatever they can
But so many more simply chose to ignore the call for help

I don’t understand it
I’m not asking for $100, i’ll accept ANY amount – $1, $5 – anything
It’s not too much to ask for.. right?
Also, I’m reaching out for a cause that personally effects ME
Shouldn’t that make it easier for them to support me?

If only everybody would give a little, maybe we can put and end to any more CONNER stories.

    My prayers are with you Conner