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I recently discovered 65 Red Roses’ live journal – A journal of Eva with CF. Unfortunately, I discovered it after she passed on… I’ve become addicted to the site and reading about her experiences and feelings. Today, this one touched me deeply


how courageous to put this one out there:


On my sickest of days, I’ve been here too:

She was strong, funny, and inspirational. A legacy has been left behind. This particular post is very scary as I know one day my lungs will get to the point where I need a transplant. Then what? The prognosis after transplant is not great – you’re just given some more time with your loved ones. The constant fear – when will they reject me? will I be able to get another set? how will my son be affected.

Oh, it’s all about my son. I so do not want to cause him pain. I need to be here for him, through school, college, marriage, and yes, I want to be a grandmamma one day. He tells me he and his wife will both work and I’ll watch the baby. Oh – to know he thinks that and for me to realize it may not be possible – hurts so much.

Please… CF… stay baseline… don’t progress…