one day at a time . . .

Feeling Awesome !!!

I can’t believe how I just abandoned this blog since transplant. The first year was a slow recovery and dealt with depression. Then I tried to activate the 2 step authorization on wordpress and it totally messed me up and I couldnt get in! I finally contacted support and got the whole thing deactivated. 

So, here I am, almost 2 years post transplant and I’m feeling amazing!! It’s just amazing how as time passes I just feel better and better. Yes I had 4 pneumonias in the last year as well as several bronchial tube dilations, but I’m crossing my fingers hoping for a good stretch of feeling great!

The CF walk is coming soon and this year our team is supporting CF as well as a new foundation; The Lung Transplant Foundation. Their mission is to fund research dedicated to chronic rejection, specifically BOS, as well as spreading awareness for organ donation. A CF cure would not benefit me now, but because of my connection and the fact that my son and some relatives are carriers, I cannot let it go. Chronic rejection is my demise now, so research in that direction is critical for me.

I hope to keep up with my posts. We shall see 🙂

TYB 6.6.12 ♡donate life♡