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Not doing so well…

I know it’s been a while again…I’ve been having a rough time lately. So I had 4 pneumonias in the 1st 2 years posr transplant. I has a great 2015 until Christmas Eve. I started with a fever and landed in the hospital on Christmas day with pneumonia. I completed 2 weeks of IV and was fine. I had started yoga the previous November and just loved it! I continued with that. 

This past July 6th I had a fever again. Ended up having pneumonia. I completed 2 weeks of home IV… felt great… went back to yoga… all seemed well. About 10 days later I was in Yoga and could not keep up with my breathing and had to leave the class after 15 minutes. I couldn’t believe how I was feeling. Was diagnosed with pneumonia again, as well as an 8% drop in PFTs. Not sure if the previous pneumonia hadn’t completely resolved. I was scheduled for a Bronchoscopy 3 days later and was only put on oral antibiotics. I suspected the bronch would show another bronchial narrowing, but instead I was very congested and they cleaned me out the best they could. 

That night I ended up in the ER with a temp of 102. They put me on a different antibiotic than last time, but until cultures came back from the bronch we wouldn’t know if the med choice was correct. I continued running a fever for several days. Culture results seemed to take forever! Bronch was on a Thursday and results came back the following Monday. Of course the med chpice was incorrect and they switched me to Zosyn. After a few days the fever went away. I was still having pain on my lower right side. They did another bronch and found a huge mucous plug in my lower right airway! They pulled it out and the pain improved. We’re still unsure if I have airway narrowing so they scheduled another bronch for September 8th, when hopefully the pneumonia will be gone and they’ll be able to see clearly.

I was discharged from the hospital to complete 2 weeks of zosyn at home. When I went in for my follow up on 8/23 the xray still showed pneumonia and I had an additional 4% drop in PFTs for a 12% total! My 10 yr old niece came to my visit and took this video:

I had to continue zosyn for another 2 weeks. I’ll be done by this Wednesday morning and my bronch is this Thursday. 

I am praying and hoping that I have a narrowing because if not, the other possibility is rejection. 

Please let this NOT be rejection…

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