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Need a little patience

My previous post was me freaking out a bit. I’ve had time to process what’s going on and feel much better. Here’s how I explained it on my facebook account:

UPDATE.. So my cultures from the bronch did not grow any bacteria. There’s a possibility that this happened because of all the meds I’ve been on… the bacteria have a way of hiding away as a result. So the plan is to stop all meds and repeat a bronch in 2 weeks. Hopefully I won’t worsen in the meantime. If I do we’d have to choose an antibiotic by guessing! If there truly is in fact no bacteria, then we have to look into this further. Post tx is very different than pre tx. I just need to learn patience. I will get through this. Thanks for all your support and concern 😘☺💟..
So… we wait… to be continued!

Comments on: "Need a little patience" (2)

  1. Patience is so very hard to come by living a “normal” life – I imagine It is in even shorter supply with unknown transplant symptoms. I appreciate hearing your first reactions – as I hope they allow you to spell out your feelings and thereby cope a little better.

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