one day at a time . . .

CF sucks even more…

This happened last night. Here’s the sequence of events:

> – hooked up tobra, still a bit cold

> – nebulized albuterol

> – started vest along with hyp saline

> – started feeling cold

> – nebulized dornase, still w vest

> – finished vest, very cold

> – nebulized colistin

> – thought maybe getting a fever, but it was 98.6

> – covered up w blankets

> – finished tobra, hooked up merrem

> – out of nowhere, while lying down I got real short of breath

> – couldn’t catch my breath

> – o2 was 77 w 3L !!!

> – called hubby, I felt like I was going to black out, lips white

> – had hubby put o2 on highest level

> – had strong urge to go to bathroom

> – hubby gave me 2 reeces peanut butter cups

> – my o2 finally went up to 98 on 6L

> – then I had a temp 100.5

> – took 2 motrin and still kept o2 on highest

> – my o2 is 98 and hr 112 and I think the fever is coming down 

> not as cold.

This was VERY scary. Gasping for breath is not fun.

Woke up evry hour during the night to cough. Woke up w 101.5 in the morning.

Doc said fever will drop O2.

Were upping my merrem and tobra dosage and upping Prednisone. She will also consult with infectious disease tomorrow.

This sucks!

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