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Scary next step…

Went to the doctor today. It’s day 13 of my 5th cycle of IVs for the year and my pfts suck… 34%…

So we’re going to try an IV medication I have never taken before, polymyxin. I need to start it in the hospital because there are many side effects and my kidney functions will need to be monitored. So I should be admitted in the next day or two. We will also schedule the insertion of my first port while I’m there.

This is scary because it just feels like everything is riding on this. If it works – AWESOME! If not, it means my CF has progressed and i’ll be that much closer to transplant.

I’m trying to stay positive. I worry so much about my son and how this will effect him. I worry for my parents – its very hard to feel helpless when your child is ill. I worry about my husband – he’s had enough heart ache – his mom died when he was only 11 – his dad died back in 93 after an infection from surgery.

Please God, I know you have a plan for me. I just hope its a good one 😉

CF really sucks.
It has taken over my life.
I want my life back!
Please let the polymyxin do the trick.

Comments on: "Scary next step…" (2)

  1. Lisa (Philly) said:

    Praying with you. Lord let the new antibiotic work. Keep positive thoughts in your head. Don’t worry – pray.

  2. Sending some CA vibes your way. I know the medicine will kick some butt for you. Believe it and max out your airway clearance.

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