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As a 44 year old with CF, this is the easiest question in the world. I fight for a cure because of my son. It’s that simple. I can remember how badly I wanted a child, and how the doctors explained the risks to me. With their support and the support of my family, I did it. In May of 1995 I gave birth to the light of my life, my son. I will never forget when I was alone with him in the hospital, I held him close, looked into his eyes, and at that moment I thought…. “what have I done”. At that moment I became really scared. I thought, will I be able to watch him grow up, graduate high school, graduate college, find a wife, have children, etc. How selfish was I, to bring a child into this world when I didn’t even know if I would be there for him.

As time passed, as he brought so much joy to my world, I realized what a blessing from God he was. Just knowing that this child depended on me was all that I needed to fight like hell so that CF would not take me from him.

Finding a cure for CF is extremely important because my son is automatically a carrier of CF! I’ll be damned if a grandchild of mine has this disease and a cure hasn’t been found! I need to fight like hell to do whatever I can to prolong my life and ensure that a cure is found.

Of  course I fight for my husband, family, friends, and all the CF sufferers. But the top of the list is my little gift from God, my son, who’s not so little anymore! He’s 16, 6 feet tall, driving, a junior in high school, and starting to look into colleges! I hope and pray I can fight for many years to come, and will live to see the cure and be assured that my son will not have to worry about having a child with CF

That is why I FIGHT for a CURE for CYSTIC FIBROSIS!

(note to any of my facebook friends… please do not post or link this on FB… it’s my personal blog that my family and friends are not aware of. By keeping this anonymous, it allows me to let out my thoughts freely. Thanks)

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