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Started IVs again, one week ago. Shortly after finishing my last IV meds I caught laryngitis. Of course it quickly spread to my lungs and oral meds did nothing. So, back on the IVs. When I completed my last IVs and feeling pretty good, my fev1 was only 36%. Now, after a week on IV, my fev1 was only 33%. This is so frustrating. I’m not congested. My issue this time is that my o2 is low and shortness of breath. Of course my Dr wants me back in the “system” for transplant, “just in case”. What really upsets me is that I found out my hospital may not be approved through my insurance. I don’t want to go anywhere else.

I really hate CF and it taking over my life. None of this would bother me as much if I didn’t have a child. My son should not have to see his mother go through all this. He’s starting to think about college and his future. That’s all he should be doing. My health better stabilize!

Just sad…

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  1. How so very frustrating šŸ˜¦ I will pray that things go smoothly with this round of IV’s and you get back up to your baseline…

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