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Reflections of 2010

So much happened in 2010. Reflecting back I can remember the negatives. I will attempt to remember positives as well. So here goes…


NEGATIVE: So many IV treatments… 4 x !! And where I always used to do 2 weeks, I have graduated to 4 weeks! It also seems I may have lost lung function. I haven’t seen 47% since October of 2008. My highest this year was 45% in April. This past week I hit 42%. I am happy to be back in the 40s – but I can really feel the difference. I’m pretty much short of breath doing anything, which is annoying. This is scary as well. I will try hard to get more function back.

POSITIVE: Although I may have lost lung function, I should be very thankful that I maintained my baseline for over 20 years! From what I understand, that is not the norm for CFers. So I really do appreciate that!


NEGATIVE: The tragic accident that my 4 aunts, all sisters, were involved in. One aunt, my godmother, passed away. Two of my aunts are still recovering. The accident happened August 19th! The driver is physically well, however suffers from the guilt of being the driver.

POSITIVE: The survival of my 3 aunts. They surpassed every doctors expectations. Although I feel so sad that they still suffer daily and will never be the same, I am so thankful that they are here. This may be selfish on my part. I just hope that 2011 brings them some more pain free days and happy days.


NEGATIVE: My godson fell at school resulting in bleeding in the brain.

POSITIVE: My godson is fully recovered!


NEGATIVE: My dear friend had a grand mal seizure while shopping at Kohls. Out of nowhere! She ended up in the hospital, they discovered a golf ball sized tumor and she had brain surgery 4 days later!

POSITIVE: Her tumor was benign and she is recovering!


NEGATIVE: My cousin’s 6 week old son was diagnosed with a fused skull, requiring brain surgery to avoid his brain not having room to grow.

POSITIVE: I am hoping that the surgery of this precious baby is a success in 2011!


POSITIVE: Here’s a positive without a corresponding negative 🙂   My CF Fundraising team raised $37,000! Awesome!


POSITIVE: I started this blog and as a result connected with so many other CFers. It’s so comforting being able to connect with others that are going through the same thing and understand!


NEGATIVE: Still not being able to get off of prednisone. I’ve been on it since October 2008! Ugh! Weight gain and puffy face is the worst side effect for me…

POSITIVE: This is tough – I guess it does help me to breathe – so I am appreciative of that!


That was 2010.

Onward to 2011!

I truly hope this will be a better year…

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  1. I thought this was a very cool post. I like the positive attitude it displays.

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