one day at a time . . .

Why IgE… Why??? !!!

I don’t feel any better since last Thursday when my PFTs were at 39% and today I was to check back in with my dr.

Well…. My bloodwork is showing my highest IgE level ever (in the high 800’s)! And I knew what that meant – up the prednisone! My love/hate relationship… The IgE is probably elevated due to the increased molds in the air.  The plan is to up the prednisone to 40 for 3 days, then 35 for 5 days, then re-evaluate. Also, continue IVs through Thursday to make a full 4 weeks. Then start oral doxycycline and vfend on Friday, and nebulized pulmicort once my prednisone is down to 20mgs.

We hope that I will not be on prolonged high dose steroids – but I know how hard it’s been in the past to taper me down. Please let this not happen again. I’ve been on prednisone for 2 years now!

Expecting the worst,

hoping for the best.

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