one day at a time . . .


Went to the doctor yesterday. My PFTs went up to 39%. Been on IVs 3 weeks today. Continuing IVs through Monday and will talk to my dr over the phone. I definitely do not feel like baseline, but I am getting better. Can I make it to 44% by Monday? Will I ever get back to 47%. Something tells me that after 20 years of a 47%/48% baseline, and a rough 2 years, that the day has come that I lost some lung function.

44% my new goal !!?? AHH – ugh….

But, if I can hold that another 20 years, wouldn’t that be awesome!

Time will tell…


Aunt L had more surgery yesterday. She has dead bone in her left sternum. They went in, removed the dead bone. It was about 20% dead. They left the site open with a “vac”. After 6 days, they will re-evaluate to see if there’s anymore dead bone. She’s having a rough time. Lots of “psychosis”, lots of pain.

Aunt B is having pain on her leg from the skin graft surgery to close the abdominal opening – but doing well – taking steps. I spoke to over the phone. I love hearing her voice.

Oh how I miss them so much. It’s too risky for me to go visit them. They understand. We all understand. But it doesn’t make it any easier.

Miracles really do happen.

I LOVE my family!


And I can’t believe I forgot to post this picture.

This is the first time my 2 aunts saw each other!

It was about a month after the accident:

isn’t it beautiful….

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