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IVs and Faith Updates…

Today is Day 20 of IVs… I had a hard time with the imipenem. I was getting hives and welts pretty bad, as well as worsening breathing. By day 12ish, we switched the imipenem 1g for ceftazidime 2g. I’ve also been on 400 mgs of tobramycin. I went back to the doctor after 2 days on the ceftaz and my pft’s were only at 35%. We are hoping that is was low due to the imipenem reaction. I had hives/welts on the outside, and it’s possible I was having an internal reaction as well! I’ve noticed easier breathing since the change and go back to the dr tomorrow. Also, it appears the imipenem had other effects – my blood work had show anemia and enlarged blood cells. Since I was taken off that drug, I am no longer anemic and my red blood cells are normal. My IgE is higher than ever – again, hoping its from the imipenem and will come down. I’ll get retested tomorrow. It’s been a frustrating IV cycle. I’m still not back to normal after so long, and still tired and short of breath. Dr said the older I get the more the meds will effect me. I can’t complain about that – I am 43 with CF! I’m hopeful that I will get through this as I always do, but I admit I have that little birdie in my head that scares me and thinks – oh no – am I deteriorating? Please NO!

Update on my aunts…

Today is the birthday of my aunt that passed away. May she rest in peace…

Aunt L is still in ICU, has good days and bad days. Lot’s of pain. Also experiences ICU psychosis. She has taken steps – AMAZING!

Aunt B is in stepdown ICU. Her hard neck collar is off. Hopefully her leg cast will be removed soon. She has walked for the first time with a special leg boot. She had skin grafting surgery yesterday for the 7 inch opening in her abdominal area. It went well.

I haven’t been going to the hospital. First of course because I’m on IVs. Second because my dr told me to stay away as hospitals, especially ICUs have MRSA. That would not be a good thing for me. My aunts completely understand – but I miss them so. I do speak to them over the phone. They still have traches, however not attached to the vent! They are both eating too!

Now my cousins are researching rehabilitation centers for them for when they are ready.

Aunt B was finally told about Aunt F’s death. Aunt L still does not know.

I’ll say it again – my 2 aunts are truly miracles in progress. They have come from 10% chance of survival to “they WILL make it!”

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