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My aunts are continuing to make progress, a little at a time.

Aunt L is still on a vent. Her Co2 levels are rising. She has an infection and is on IV antibiotics. This Thursday will make 4 weeks on the vent. Generally, you should not have one in longer that 3 weeks. The problem is, to do a tracheotomy, the area is too close to the are she has had surgery and it’s not stable enough, so the concern is that it may lead to an infection. They have been trying to wean her of the O2. The plan is to re-assess on Friday. They just may have to try the trache. Now, I’m not sure as to why the Co2 levels are up. The nurse tried to say she had too much of a caloric intake, so they will decrease that. But I’m not sure I understand that so much. She also has sugar level issues. Her pain is being managed. She still does not remember the accident. She doesn’t even remember the time she had with her sisters that day. I think that’s probably because of the bleeding she had in the brain – but that’s not confirmed, just my suspicion. Aunt B remembers everything!

Aunt B is still on the trache. They actually capped it yesterday for a short time and she SPOKE! She said “I’m Alive.. I Love You B” (she actually said her daughter’s name, I’m just leaving it out.) Her soft cast on her right leg has been replaced with a hard cast. They are both still wearing neck collars for the fractured vertebrae. She has a UTI, so is on antibiotics for that now. They sat her up in a chair the past 2 days! Amazing! They also took her off the vent 2 hours one day, 4 hours the next, and then 6 hours! She still has a lot of pain. Her abdominal area is healing, but still has the mesh opening.

I went to visit them today after 2 weeks. When I was with Aunt B, we gave her a pen to try and write because she was sad and agitated. She wrote “Questa vita morte”. This basically translates to “I’m a living death”.  I felt so sad. I could totally understand why she said this. I think about this daily – imagining how horrible it is to be lying there everyday, basically watching the clock, being in pain, not able to speak, and feeling as though time is just dragging by. It’s now almost 4 weeks of being in the ICU!

I feel that Aunt B is closer to “the next step” out of ICU than Aunt L is. Aunt L is in better spirits though. This has been such a tough time for all of our family.

I hope and pray that God continues to heal them…

Comments on: "Faith: Part 4: “Questa Vita Morte”" (2)

  1. My best wishes to your family. It sounds like some positive news despite the situation. Thanks for the update.

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