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Faith: Part 3: Baby Steps

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3 . . .

The theme has been “Baby Steps”, because that’s what’s important at this junction.

Aunt B had surgery this past Tuesday. Her organs are improving, the liver is slightly better. They were able to take the 14 inch opening down to a 7 inch opening and applied a mesh that will dissolve over time. Not sure if anything else will need to be done to that later on. She developed a fever and pneumonia, was put on triple IV antibiotics. Her vent was removed and replaced with a tracheotomy. She mouths her words very well. Her fever has come and gone. She was dropped to 2 antibiotics. She’s having pain in her abdomen, understandably. She had told her daughter,  mother and my husband that I should not go see her in the hospital because it’s not a good place for me. It kills me not to be able to see her. But, when my husband was there Friday night, he put me on speaker phone. I spoke, she would mouth her replies and my husband would translate. Oh how I miss seeing her ans seeing her smile and her progress. I hear she’s looking so much better, much less yellow. It’s all baby steps.

Aunt L had surgery on Wednesday. They took skin from her partially amputated arm and filled in the hole in her upper left side of her chest. They did not give her a tracheotomy because it was too close to her injuries. They will need to get the vent off soon, as it should not stay in longer than 21 days. She has a lung infection and is on IV antibiotics. She is able to move her left leg up to the knee area. She tries everyday. She know the routine and whats needed as she worked in a nursing home. She has had on and off fevers – none today. She’s feeling pain in her chest area – to be expected. She mouths that she wants to go home. But she’ll be there at least another two weeks – then probably rehab – this is if all goes well. She has also told her daughter and my husband that I should not go there. It’s amazing how they are both so sick and are still thinking about their nieces and nephews. It’s all baby steps.

Friday night, the doctors said that these 2 sisters are amazing. He said they have strong genes.  They said it’s been a little bit of science and a lot from up above. This is so true – True Miracles. He also stated that they are the 2 sickest patients in the hospital. They are still not out of the woods. Baby steps . . .

On a side note – I’m feeling better! YAY! Just very tired – most likely from the stress.

I hope I have good news to share on my next post.

Please keep my family in your prayers so that the miracles can continue…

Thank You!

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