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To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary.

To one without faith, no explanation is possible.

(Saint Thomas Aquinas)

These are the words I have been living by over the past week. It has been such a difficult time. On the night of August 19th, at 8:30 pm, 4 of my aunts (all sisters), were in a car accident. All rushed to the emergency room.

The scene at the emergency room as family members piled in was a dream. The waiting with no updates was unbearable. Hours passed and we heard nothing. Until, finally, I became very upset at the waiting room attendant and a dr came out to give us an update.

They told us that one aunt, the driver, was doing well, just awaiting a cat scan. She was coherent and extremely distraught for what she felt she did to her sisters. We kept telling her that it was not her fault. No matter how horrific, God has a plan and she did not hurt anyone. This particular aunt happens to be one of the most faithful persons I know, and if anyone can get through this, it’s her. The doctor also told us that the aunt in the front passenger seat had severe head trauma and facial trauma and kept coding and they have been working very hard on her. My other two aunts were in surgery. One for internal bleeding and one for trauma to her, from left shoulder, as well as a possible amputation to her left arm.

Some time after midnight, the ER doctor came to us to let us know that my aunt with the head trauma did not make it. As much as they tried, and they DID try for hours, she just didn’t make it. I am the type of person that always tries to make sense of everything that happens, and the only way I could find peace from this death was that my aunt lost her husband back in the 80’s. A day hasn’t passed that she hadn’t visited the cemetery. She would leave him notes. Her home was full of pictures. She also had 3 children that passed away shortly after birth. So, I truly believe she lost her fight because she NEEDED to be with her family in heaven. I know she is happy to finally be reunited. And, she is also rallying up all of our family in heaven to help her sisters back in this world.

As the hours passed, we finally received an update on the aunts in surgery. Since they were all brought in as “Jane Doe’s”, they could only refer to them as person 1 and person 2. The one with the chest/arm trauma required an amputation at the left elbow. She severed all her major arteries in the fron left chest. She had her chest opened. She had over 25 units of blood. The 2nd aunt had her stomach opened. She was bleeding uncontrollably from all the organs in the abdominal area. They couldn’t get in under control. They said she had 2 broken femurs, a shattered pelvis, broken ribs, and a broken arm. She coded five times. The doctor gave them a 10% chance of surviving the night, it was VERY bad.

We wait and wait. I left the hospital at 4:00 am – they were still in surgery.

We later find out which aunt was which. They were both put on respirators and life support. The aunt with the abdominal injuries had to have the area left open. So they packed it. She received over 50 units of blood. Their major concern was that they could not stop the bleeding. My other aunt’s injuries were closed up.

Here we are, about one week later, going through funeral services with my deceased aunt, and my other 2 aunts are still in ICU. The doctors come in everyday amazed that they are still here. The aunt with the arm injury had to have some more of her ARM removed, as blood was not flowing. She is off life support and weaning off the vent. She has 2 broken vertebrae in her neck and is awaiting an MRI as they found bleeding in the brain. Her eyes are open and communicating wither her hands. My other aunt had another surgery, her organs are in trauma, they had to leave her open. They said it’s like a 70 yr old running a marathon 24/7. They said, “if” she’s alive Friday, they will go in again. She’s off life support and only on a vent.  What’s AMAZING is she is completely awake and aware and mouthing to us! She says she’s in pain, she’s hot, she wants water, she wants to die. It’s so hard. Also, after initially telling us of all the broken bones – it’s not so. That was all assumed based on what they “saw”. She is bruised from neck to toe. But, what she has, is, fractured ankle, fractured pelvis, broken ribs – nothing requiring surgery.

Here we are, taking it day to day. And here’s where my faith come is. Because doctors cannot explain how they are still alive, I believe God is totally in control. As hard as this is for my aunts and the family, this must be part of God’s plan. We will never be able to explain it. We just need to keep praying and hope that they make it through this.

Please, God, can you please ease their pain. I fear what my aunt without an arm will go through once she realizes it. Please give them the strength they need to move forward.

For those of you reading this post: I ask that you please add my family to your prayers. The power of prayer has proven to be miraculous . . .

And that’s how the quote was perfect for me:

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary.

To one without faith, no explanation is possible.

(Saint Thomas Aquinas)

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  1. My condolences. I’m sending my best wishes to you and your family at this troubling time and hope for the best possible outcome from the tragedy.

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