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Exercise Plan

Ok… after being inspired byRUNSICKBOYRUN‘s running plan, I decided to try a running plan!

So, I get on my treadmill and after 5 minutes, the belt breaks! AHHHH

Ok, I’m determined to do this, I then fire up my Wii Active and put together an exercise routine. They don’t have just a walking exercise so I had to improvise. Here’s the plan for my Week 1 – Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

1. Run – MEDIUM (approximately a 1 minute run)
2. Run/Walk – SHORT (approximately 20 second run/20 second walk)
3. Run/Walk – SHORT 2 more times

I just completed it and it felt great! Actually surprised I could do it!
Looking forward to Wednesday.
Next week I’ll be away – so I’ll have to improvise yet again.
But at least I started!!

UPDATE: 8/19

  • I skipped yesterday as I was way to sore (even though sickboy told me to push through it)
  • Today I changed it a bit – the step2:walk/runs – I just walked.  So I went through all the steps until the wii hit 30 minutes and that ended up including 4 of the one minute walks. This was estimated at 177 calories vs 192 on Day1. I think I started at too difficult a pace

Comments on: "Exercise Plan" (2)

  1. I got the Wii game – Walk it out ( You step in time to music. I enjoy that. It counts your number of steps and distance.

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