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Just a quick hello…

I haven’t been following any blogs with the exception of Conner Reed Jones… Such a sad story of a 7 yr old boy with CF and Prune Belly Syndrome. if you haven’t followed this story, you can click on the blogs I follow called “not so bright and shiny”.

He passed away last Thursday night. What a sad story. But I am amazed at the strength of his parents. They are truly inspirational.

My husband sees me sad and wonders why I follow such sad stories. Is it me… am I crazy… I’m just so touched and can’t let it go… I feel honored to know of this inspirational story.

I also feel guilty. Here I am at 42 with CF and a 7 yr old loses his life. I believe there’s a purpose. But it just saddens me. I don’t like to see young ones suffer. A parent should never have to watch their child pass on. I do believe Conner is in a better place. But its just so hard on the living.

Sorry for the sad post. But this is what’s on my mind…

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