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It’s been a while

Haven’t posted in a while and thats a good thing. It means Ive been well and living life. So now that Im posting it’s because it’s not a good day. As of Saturday afternoon I started with chest pain on my left side. An all too familiar feeling. I thought I had finally made it past this problem. So now my dr wants an xray to rule out a possible small pnemothorax. I doubt it is.. but might as well be sure. The pain is like a knife going through my upper left side. Motrin seems to take the edge off. My o2 and heartrate are normal. It could be excessive plugging in that area, so she told me to to do an extra hypertonic saline. I hope its not bronchospasm… that could mean an increase in prednisone. I finally lost all my steroid weight. C’mon now. How much more of this can I take… Id just like a good 3 months of freedom. Its only been about a month since I finished my 37 day cycle of IVs. Oh well.. I guess I’ll know more tomorrow..
Bye for now…

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  1. I was very happy you were not posting because I knew it meant you felt well. Sorry to hear that’s changed.

    I’ve had a couple of partial lung collapses. They didn’t hurt that much. I felt sick to my stomach and couldn’t eat and felt odd or off my game and my heartrate was elevated.

    I hope it’s nothing serious, perhaps a muscle strain. Keep us posted.

  2. ok… so it’s not a collapse… and my physical therapist was over today and said I sounded good and the air was equal on both sides. The motrin is helping and it’s not as bad as yesterday – so maybe it is a muscle strain – I kinda hope that’s what is it and not bronchospasm. I had a partial collapse 20 years ago – manifested as back pain and shortness of breath – I didn’t know I had cf at the time – dealt with it for a month until I went to the hospital! Had a botched up chest tube procedure – crazy experience… Anyway… hope it gets better quickly!

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