one day at a time . . .


Looks like switching one of the IV meds made a difference. I’m not winded. But, I’m still junky. My PT told me my upper right sounds much better so that’s great news.

Anyway, since I’m still junky and I won’t see the dr until Thursday, instead of ending the IVs at the 5 week mark tomorrow, they are being extended until Thursday. Hopefully by then all will be well and she clear me from these IVs

I cannot believe how long I’ve been on them! This is a first! I hope I’ll be free for a good 3 months after this – 6 months would be awesome! A little part of me wonders if getting off the IVs might just result in everything starting again… Hoping it’s just paranoia.

I AM still on the prednisone. Only 7.5mgs. Not sure what we’re gonna do with that yet.

One step at a time ♥

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  1. So glad to hear you’re feeling better. That is good news. I’m not mad at you anymore since you called the battle with CG a tie. 🙂

    What do mean about everything starting again? The infection? Remember, the effect of IVs continues well after the last dose. do you go on inhaled after IVs?

  2. “starting again”… I meant, that I’ve had so much trouble over the past 18 months, every time I seem to get better, it starts again. I’m hoping this long stretch of IVs does the trick – but the thought is always in the back of my mind. After the IVs I’ll start the inhaled aztreonam. I’ll do that one month then switch to colistin.

  3. I had a rough 14 months or so back in 2006, but things got better. Hopefully this, too shall pass for you. What are you on? I’m pretty resistant, but Tobra/Doribax seems to do okay, but nothing like meds used to 6 years ago. At least Doribax is Q8, so I get more rest than a Q6 dosage.

  4. I’m on tobra… and ceftaz for the 1st 4 weeks – but switched that to merrem – which did make a difference.. Never took doribax.. tobra once daily, merrem q8 – so the sched isn’t so bad.

  5. Cayston was a game changer for me when I was on the study. I hope it does the same for you.

  6. I took the cayston for about a year and was suspicious that it was contributing to my problems. Since it’s almost a year off of it – it probably didn’t. So i’ll give it another try…

  7. I’ve had meds or supplements I’ve thought caused me problems over the years only to find later that it was fine. Unfortunately, CF is not and exact science. I hate it for that reason, too.

  8. I KNOW! CF is different for every CFer.. Every treatment is like a test.. You can’t predict the future path.. ugh.. so annoying! I guess that’s why we have to really be aware of the changes in our bodies and report anything to our doctors – and if we believe it’s not right – we just have to push!

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