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Lists – IVs

One of the blogs I follow – Cystic Gal (the link is on my blogroll), posts lists here and there, and I find them fun to read. So I thought I’d give it a try. Here goes…

    Top 5 Annoyances of being on IVs:

    5. The feeling of metal mouth and nothing tasting right.

    4. Having to have the nurse come every every 5 days to change my IV site.

    3. Before I can get in the shower, having to cut the fingers off of a rubber glove, pull it up over my IV site, and taping it up.

    2. The schedule! EVERY morning for 1.5 hrs, EVERY afternoon for 2.5-3 hours, and EVERY night for 1.5 hrs (the times are longer now that I switched antibiotics – yikes!)

    1. Being tired all the time!

On the FLIP side…

    Top 5 Perks of being on IVs:

    5. Able to catch up on cyberspace.

    4. Able to get lots of rest.

    3. My hubby helps around the house.

    2. and 1. My lungs are getting cleared out!

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  1. You use IV sites? For five weeks of IVs? No PICC line? How do you tolerate that? I can’t believe you can last five days on a site. Oh, my gosh.

    They make thin plastic arm bags that go all the way up the arm. Much easier to use.

    There is something to said as we get older for letting the nurse hang the IVs in the hospital.

    • funny… every time I get a new nurse they say the same thing! I’ve been very lucky – for 20 years now I’ve had GREAT veins. I tried the midline, and I had more problems with them than peripheral! I would get phlebitis! The nursing companies have a 3 day protocol – but I have my dr write a note that it can wait 5 days. If they didn’t have to, I bet they would last even longer! The nurses are always amazed at how good my site looks.

      As far as PICCs and Ports – I’m too chicken! It just seems there are many more risks to those.

      So – I’ll keep going with peripheral until things change πŸ˜‰

      • I used to use a thick plastic Ziplock that comes with my home IV meds. I’d cut off the top and bottom, slide it up to the site, and use the foam, waterproof 3M tape (it’s brown and about $2.50 a roll).

    • where do you get the arm bags?

  2. I’d go with a port in a heartbeat, and would have 3 years earlier if I knew how much easier it was… but then again, without my wife to access it because I’m too chicken to stab myself, it wouldn’t work for complete freedom. Still, it’s a million times better than an IV or PICC.

    It hurt for about a week or so, just where they stitch it into your pec.

    • I’ve just heard some crazy stories of misplacement… And, doesn’t a port stay in you all the time, even when you’re not on IV? Then there’s the risk of infection… I just don’t think I’m ready for that yet πŸ˜‰

  3. It’s in all the time, but I don’t notice it 99% of the time. Only if my wife puts her head there or I lean on something. You have about the same risk of infection as anything else with an incision – want to talk about risk of infection from getting 20 IVs over a course of treatment? /grin

    I love to feel clean because I have oily skin, so I de-access every 2-3 days after my night dose to sleep without the needle (more comfortable) and shower in the morning so my wife can access again before the morning dose. If we go to the beach or a pool, we can plan it around doses and de-access, too. Same for bowling.

  4. interesting… I can see how it’s a bit freeing…

    • There’s that, and my valves near both armpits nearly closed off for passage of PICCs. With my last PICC (surgically placed after 2 in-room failures), the surgeon declared, “That’s the last one going in there. Time for a port next time.”

  5. I’ll try to find out where the bags come from on my next IV. Hope you feeling as well as possible.

  6. Don’t let me wife know your hubby helps out. She’ll be doing IVs.

  7. Thanks for checking!
    Actually I can tell it’s loosening up more junk cause I’m coughing up more!
    The new med is making me VERY tired – but who cares – as long as it does the trick πŸ™‚

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