one day at a time . . .

2 weeks and a couple of days done – about 2 weeks to go!

Good News – my O2 levels seemed to have normalized – I’m at 95/96…. Dr wants me to check it during light activity to see how low it drops… Back to see her Thursday – hopefully my PFTs came up!

Comments on: "IVs – Day 19 – April 12" (5)

  1. Are you in the hospital or at home doing IVs?

    I love that moment with O2 levels normalize. I’m happy they’re back for you.

  2. I’m doing my IVs from home 🙂

    • I usually go in for five to seven days then go home. I long time ago I used to do them from home the whole two weeks. Now they worry about burning my kidneys. I used to want to bail from the hospital as soon as possible, but now I kind of like the reduced stress of staying there. I tend not to worry so much while there. I like the nurses doing the midnight and 6 am doses. I don’t have to wake up that way.

  3. I’m lucky to have a wonderful wife who holds down the fort for me.

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