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Prednisone Reduction

OK… SO tomorrow I am to drop from 15mgs a day to 7.5 mgs a day.  I so want to be able to wean off this crazy pill, but at the same time am nervous, as for the past 18 months, every time I tried, my shortness of breath came back. And, this is a bit of a dramatic drop.

Hoping the IVs that I’m on will help combat the symptoms and aid in the weaning off of prednisone.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Wishing you much luck. What’s the prednisone treating? Sorry, if I missed the reason in earlier blog posts. Reading through them now.

    • Good Question!
      Over the past 10-15 yrs, occasionally I get this tightness and my IgE levels increase – but not a high high number. They speculate that is may be ABPS – allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis – bronchospasms in the lungs from an allergy to a common mold in the air caller aspergillus. Now, it really hasn’t been ‘proven’ – but the prednisone always resolves the symptoms. But, now, it started again in October of ’08 and every time I try to wean off – just about to the last week or so, the symptoms come back! So frustrating! So, it’s come to the point where the prednisone isn’t really effective, so hopefully I can get off of them – hoping the IVs I’m on right now will treat any inflammation and that I can get back to baseline!

  2. I think my issue right now is just the pollen levels. I got on a 5 day boost, but I’m wheezing again a few times per day. I think it shall pass in a week or two once the pollen count falls.

    • You’re on Pred right now? I didn’t notice that in your blog. Did you write about it?

      • no – I guess I didn’t…. Read my reply to “unknowncystic” above 😉

      • No, @unknown, I didn’t write about it because I didn’t want to make my in-laws feel bad – it’s partially because their dog gives my wife and me breathing problems and we’ve been over there 3 times in the last week. The day the dog is gone will be a happy day for me. /grin

        The pollen count is driving my wife nuts, and I’m sure it’s affecting me, too, since we feel fine in the car with the recycled air turned on.

  3. I’ve asked my doc for pred but he won’t give it to me. Says it’s only for aspergillosis, Do they have you on anything like advair or symbicort?

  4. I wouldn’t worry about making your in-laws feel bad. I bet they would feel worse if they knew you were keeping this from them. Have a talk with them….

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