one day at a time . . .

Fundraising Efforts

So I’ve attended the CF Great Strides walk since the early 90s, after I was diagnosed. In the beginning it was me and a small group of friends and we probably raised a few hundred dollars. After a few year, my team was formed. The fundraising got into the 1-2 thousand dollar range and has increased each year. The past couple of year we raised $35,000! Amazing.

My team is so supportive and dedicated to my cause. I am also “on my team” constantly to raise funds and awareness. I often think about how annoying I am, and what they might be thinking. But, I choose to continue because the cause is so important! I joined facebook about a year ago, and I bombard my friends with CF Donation ‘asks’… I must say, I’m surprised at the very low percentage of donators – I don’t even ask for much! I’ve asked for $5, even $1, I’ve offered great prizes, and yet, nothing… Why is this. If ANYONE asked me for a donation, I would not hesitate. Why don’t people understand?

Sometimes I think they probably don’t realize my struggles, as much as I try to communicate it. I don’t LOOK sick, I don’t ACT sick, but I AM SICK! My lungs are attacking my body and there’s only so much I can do!

Then there are those loyal supporters, that do so much! I cannot express in words my appreciation! They GET it! Without them, hope for the future would not exist…

Fundraising ang Frustrated . . .

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