one day at a time . . .

So it’s a week now. I’m tolerating the meds, just making me tired – but not too bad. The schedule actually works well – 7am – 30 minutes, 3pm 1.5 hrs and 11pm 30 minutes.

Went to the dr yesterday. My right lung is still congested – but improving. I was able to blow a 43%, so that’s improving too. 3 more weeks on IV. I dropped  my prednisone to 15mgs today. We’re getting into the danger zone. It’s been once I get down to the lower levels that problems start to appear again. Hoping the IVs will offset this. We’re also gonna get back on the aztreonam nebs after my IVs are over – this way i’ll be one month on colistin and one month on aztreonam. Hopefully this will help minimixe infections..

I have gained 11 pounds since increasing the prednisone and it feels terrible – bloated and swollen. Tight clothing and it also effects my breathing. Again, people say ” oh – you look great – you can’t even tell” – blah blah blah – they’re just being nice.

My husband doesn’t care about me gaining weight – he says I just look healthy – but – the other day – I was getting dressed and he walked in and I caught his face! He was shocked to see the belly bulge over the pants! He didn’t think I noticed – but when I told him – he said – it’s no big deal.

It is a big deal! I hate the feeling! It’s so hard. OK – complain about weight gain when CF is the problem I should be complaining about. Well – I am normal! And the weight also effects my breathing.

OK – I’ve ranted long enough…

Till next time 😉

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  1. As a guy, let’s come straight. “Noticing,” “looking shocked,” and “being turned off” are all different things. A + B can occur without C being the case. My jaw drops at some car wrecks, but that doesn’t make me grossed out. /grin.

    That doesn’t change your physical discomfort, but I hope that helps your view of his expression. I agree that tight clothes make breathing harder, especially in the evening after a long day’s eating.

    I’ve noticed that, since exercising, the weight moves around. Maybe if your lung function improves enough after this round of IVs, you won’t need to worry about losing the weight (because we all need it) but try to get it to move around. Building leg muscle is the easiest way… do you have stairs or a Wii Fit?

    That’s all from here for now. 😉 Have a good Sunday. Get well soon.

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