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But you look so good…

You know how you can tell someone is sick simply by looking at them??

You know how disabilities are usually visible??

Well – CF is not, unless you are in critical condition, in a hospital, on oxygen, with not much hope.

I went out yesterday – put makeup on – pushed myself out – even though I am on IVs and having breathing troubles. Although I do not like to burden anyone with how I feel, I have to say, it bothers me when someone says to me – but you look so good. Hello – I have an IV line in my arm, my breathing is labored. My disability is inside my lungs and it simply does not show on the outside. Why can’t people get that?

I suffer every day – some days more that the other.

Comments on: "But you look so good…" (2)

  1. I feel like that is the story of my life, when I don’t feel well, people ALWAYS say, but you look great! I’m never looking for pity, but instead people to understand you don’t always have to look sick to be sick!!!


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