one day at a time . . .

So my meds didn’t arrive until about 3:30 yesterday. The nurse came around 5:30 and my infusion began around 5:45 pm. I am taking ceftazidime, 2 grams, every 8 hours – each infusion takes about 30 minutes. I’m also taking tobramycin, 500 mgs, once a day – each infusion takes about one hour.  So my schedule will be 7am ceftaz, 3pm ceftaz, followed by togra, then 11pm ceftaz.

After my first infusion, the fatigue set in immediately – I went to sleep for a few hours. I also began to feel the swelling from the fluids. I expect to get worse before getting better since the meds will work on loosening all the junk that is filling my lungs.

I hope and pray that the meds work and that I get a break after this is over with.

My fear is that my disease is progressing and that I may have to face the fact that I have lost lung function and that dreaded transplant word may come back to haunt me.

My family and friends are such a great support system – and I cannot let them down…

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