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So although I’ve had pulmonary bleeding before.. For the past few months I’ve had it on an off consistently. And guess what – it just started again. It’s scary to see. It won’t last long – but I need to always be careful of the position of my chest – if I’m laying down – I can’t cough or I’ll trigger it. But just now – I was laying down – did not cough – but the bleeding started!


update – 3/26/10 – just an fyi… When I visited my dr on Wednesday she gave me an explanation as to why I bleed. Hope I’m explaining this right. So, basically, my body is doing what it should be doing – it knows there’s infection in my lungs, so it’s natural response it to fight it – so, the blood flow to my lungs increases. This results in the veins in my lungs to expand like a rubber band, so their walls become thin. This makes it easy to tear and bleed.

Makes sense… right?

Hopefully the meds I am on will treat the infection, and eliminate the bleeding…

4/8 – good news – haven’t had any bleeding in a couple of weeks!

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  1. Yes, that’s an accurate description of what happens. There is a secondary reason while on IVs, too. When the IVs essentially disintegrate the bacteria in your lungs, the plug/scab that was sitting on top of one of those pumped up vessels no longer has that extra weight plugging it up, and the finger comes out of the dike, BOOM! bleeder…

    I don’t worry about bleeders while I’m on IVs, but if I get one when I’m doing everything I should be doing, I get a tad concerned and I tell my doctor if it happens twice and get a big dose of Vitamin K for a week to thicken my blood.

  2. I am 32 with CF and coughing blood has been one of my biggest issues. It got so bad two years ago that it was happening almost everyday. Every time I layed down, sat up, picked up my daughter for played with her. My doctor sent me to an interventional radiologist and he did a brochial artery embolization last march. For almost a year I had almost no bleeding and for the last few months I have had a little streaking but nothing that bad. It was the best thing I ever did (very scary and now I have a 6 cm cyst in my upper right lobe from an infarct during the procedure) but there are alot of benefits from it. You should look into it if it really effects your life like mine did. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

  3. WOW – that sounds cool! Thankfully, it seems the IVs stopped the bleeding. Must have come from an infection that is now almost cleared. I’ll be on IVs till next Tues/Wed – a full 5 WEEKS!

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